Best ‘advice’ for a post grad student

For all friends, who are post grad students… On your last lap at campus/life as a student outside campus, try to do something different, if not magnificent, as #Twine A lot of corporate/business leaders regret not giving 100% while in BSchool/PG/at PG level. That ‘time waste is surely life-waste’! As Master often says, ‘intelligent people […]

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Live Life Purpse — Facebook’s Zuckerberg

It is all about #LifePurpose The challenge is to identify the life-purpose, and then choose to live it.It is a matter of choice. It does not happen automatically! Keep checking, every day, “how I lived today” ? Was it aligned with my life-purpose or not. (Again choice!) Then there is no work-life (duality) nor the need […]

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