Life Coaching

What is your Legacy?

Legacy is anythinghanded down fromthe past, asfrom an ancestoror predecessor. For, what I do for myself is gone when I am gone, but what I do for others remain my legacy. As we move up the corporate ladder, and every other such ‘ladders’ in family & society, when get ample opportunity to do good to […]

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Coaching celebs for life

Celebrities are hiring coaches…. YOU are a celebrity too, are n’t you? Every one of us is a celebrity. We may not be ‘visible’ like some of other contemporary celebrities! But, I personally would rather be an invisible celebrity. Which is also being one in the eyes of Master/Guru/God/Creator! Thus I also get to coach celebrities to reach […]

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Master says, “Watch your Words, Action, Thoughts, Character and Heart” Words : We often discuss the current affairs, stories we read, soaps we watch on idiot box and sheer gossip… by doing so, we are spreading negativity into ourslves, into others and beyond… thus The Universe! To be aware (‘watch’) of every thought-word-action, (= trikarna shuddhi) also means […]

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health – Prevention is the key

‘…”The health industry is essentially a sickness industry …. My prediction for the near future for those interested in health and well-being is that physicians, nutritionists, health practitioners, physical therapists, nurses, massage therapists, counselors, LIFE COACHES, yoga teachers, and all those who are able to improve the health of their clients will be in high […]

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Pricing Dilemma

Came across this post on ‘Pricing’…. Pricing is an art & science… Seth Godin puts it beautifully. My ‘pricing strategy’ is more than my banking days, it is question of commitment!, from client, of course… For all my current & prospective clients ????

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