Executive Coach

The fad of everyone being a coach easy to fail – Chicago Tribune

‘Everyone needs a coach’, say Eric Schmidt to Bill Gates. But they don’t say ‘every one is a coach’!!  The selection of the coach is very important. Whether it is done by organization for the executive/leader, or by the coachee directly.  We don’t take a chance with a doctor, do we? Similarly, how can we […]

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Promoters’ role changing, says Ram Charan

The role of a company’s promoter is starting to include helping in drawing up leadership succession plans and generally evaluating the talent of a CEO One cannot generalist [about Indian companies] of course. But it is slowly happening…promoters are making changes at the top level. The average tenure of a CEO now is just 4.6 […]

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Want a promotion ? Then get a coach

Don’t get misled by the heading! For, Coaching goes far beyond getting a mere promotion! Indeed, it has a far greater impact than training and 360 degree feedback. Coaching practice borrows, from not only sports and psychology, but also management, philosophy, art, science, et al. Make 2014 a special year… get a Coach, Life/Executive/Leadership… http://www.bps.org.uk/news/want-promotion-then-get-coach

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