Cricket Legend

Two legends, but only one perfect finish | Cricket News | Champions League Twenty20 | ESPN Cricinfo

Two legends playing against each other, for the last time. Will tune-in purely for that. I have been a huge fan of both Sachin & Dravid over years…decades. These two players have given to the game as much they have received from the game. A game, which used to be synonymous with “gentlemen’s sport”, an […]

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Sachin has always kept it simple – To be a Coachee like Sachin

After several posts on Coaching, from the perspective of the practice (art, science and lot more!), here is something on how the coachee (client) makes the whole difference. Any coach, executive/life/transformational/spiritual/sports/etc, would give anything to get client like this: focussed – not distracted at all simple – though we tend to unnecessarily complicate stuff, thanks […]

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