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SMS Alert at 03:57 AM – Customer Service at Banks

Bank -1: There was a time when a telegram came home, elders would get jittery. The worry was it invariably carried urgent, negative news!! These days we don’t get negative news often, as most of news is negative! Plus, telegram is no longer the vehicle to carry any urgent, negative information. It could be a […]

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Competition’s Healthy: India’s banking sector

Competition’s Healthy: India’s banking sector is inefficient and customers pay the cost, making reforms imperative (TOI 16 Oct 2013) Excerpts & Comments: RBI governor recently promised banking reforms, which includes more operational freedom for foreign banks if they adhere to some conditions – Hope this is implemented on urgent basis. Will also help in financial […]

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I have a habit of being the best in class for customers: Is that your habit ?

“I do not have a religion of market share, I have a religion of being the best in class for customers. I have the religion to be profitable. ” (response to the last question -chk the link below) How many of our telecom operators, retail & otherwise, can make this statement? How many of our […]

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