Empowering others is a wonderful gift from one to another .
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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a process that supports individuals, teams or groups in acting purposefully and appropriately in the context they find themselves in. The coach supports clients in achieving greater self-awareness, improved self-management skills and increased self-efficacy.
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Corporate Leadership Workshops

Corporate Leadership Workshops

A unique leadership workshop, to enable leaders shift their leadership to a confluence of IQ, EQ and SQ. We have organized workshops for various leading corporates across IT, Banking and Manufacturing domain at Bangalore, Chennai, Dubai and Jeddah.
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ICF Training Program

ICF Training Program

ICF Approved Coacharya ACTP Training Program delivers training and mentoring to aspiring coaches. The training aims at providing art, science and practice of coaching, thus leading to International Coach Federation (ICF) credential.
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Life Coaching / Healing

Life Coaching / Healing

Feeling stuck? A Life Coach can help you.
Life Coach, or also known as Healing Coach, operates at a confluence of counselling, healing, mentoring and coaching, where best practices from all these areas are tapped to enable the client move into a more...
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My professional journey along with Subash as a coach, started in April 2013. Since then, he has been a great anchor to me at a personal level. He has empowered me with simple easy to use tools, which has had great impact while sailing the high tides of the profession. He also helped me to see perspectives and which otherwise would have been limited by the typical “spotlight”. I wish him the best in his endeavors.

Jubilant Cement

Country Manager - MEA, DLW Flooring GmbH

I attended the workshop Active Living workshop conducted by Anjana Subhash. It has been a very good and humbling experience for me. I liked every minute of it. Main take away from the workshop was the exercise which was an eye opener for the priorities of life. It made us realise what is really important for us and how we need to organise our life. Best part was the exercise makes us realise what we really need/want out of life. Very informative and very nicely conducted workshop.

Charu Pandey

Senior Developer, Reputed MNC, Bangalore

Program was very good and fulfilled my expectation. The trainers displayed high empathy and commitment towards our learning. They also showed expertise and sharp observation/ feedback skills. Their patience and openness towards answering queries were exemplary

Vivek Kaul

A lot of focus on VUCA, work-life integration, adult learning, 70:20:10 approach, IQ+EQ, I2We/teamwork, Leader as a Coach, … all in a way that was very empowering. We have more than achieved the stated goals of the engagement. It also left most of us with better self-awareness and thus power. The intervention was very different from everything else we had experienced before.

Leading bank in the Middle East

Auto Finance Business

Feeling blessed to have been a part of this empowering journey. Thanks, Subhash. This entire process has been a coach to me in itself. It has, in a way, given me a great insight about myself, life, people.... from here, I need to find out how best I can use it and make it a part of my being. Can't say how good a coach I would be, though I am a more thoughtful person now for sure. As Subhash mentioned- Now is the beginning! Best wishes.